How To Choose a Good RV Air Conditioner

It can be difficult to choose the right RV air conditioner, but a few simple rules apply to the process that actually make it far easier to narrow down your choices. Smart air conditioner buyers know to look for the points in this guide when scouring the market for options, and are generally able to find exactly what they want in half the time and effort that undirected buyers take. Purchasing the right cooling unit for your motor-home need not be a grueling task at all, as explained here.

The ideal this air conditioner comes with a low profile because RVs are typically limited in space, not to mention often crammed full of other appliances and whatnot. Do not buy an air conditioner that is too large as this shall probably lead you, particularly if you are someone of impressive stature, to give yourself and the unit a few knocks every day. Unless you believe you can live with an air conditioner that requires you to duck every time you pass, do not compromise on this matter, especially as it deals with your comfort in moving about your motor-home.

You should choose an air conditioning unit that has proven durability. Granted, this is difficult to measure until you actually buy a unit and test to see how long it takes before it starts to degrade in both looks and performance, but there are actually easy ways of evaluating this without having to purchase a unit. First, ask the professionals or experts for some models they might suggest for your needs. After getting a short list of the best options, look for shops that sell second-hand or used air conditioners and compare the units you like best. Check for discolorations, stains, dents, and physical deterioration among the units and see which models and brands seem to hold up the best. Then, ask other consumers who have used them for their performance after a few years.

Do not be pigeonholed into buying the standard white color unit, because there are certainly other shades available for many offerings now. Why does the color even matter? Because most white air conditioners often end up taking various discolorations and stains later that take the gloss off their appearances, so an air conditioner that might be relatively new may look relatively old by the time six months or so have passed. Most of the other shades for air conditioners are in neutral tones, anyway, so it should not make decor problems too large.

Match the size of the AC to your camper. Do not be overeager and avoid shelling out money for an air conditioning unit that takes up an inordinate amount of space in the RV, even if you can afford it. panasonic ac 1 ton 3 star There are actually some cooling problems associated with failure to pair sizes, and there is also the question of energy efficiency involved.

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